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SCWCA encourages attendance at national Women's Caucus for Art (WCA) conferences and sponsors local symposiums.

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View Current and Upcoming Conferences and Symposia

Local SCWCA Symposiums offer women the opportunity to expand their thinking and participate with other visual arts professionals. Panels are organized by member art historians, curators, writers, and administrators to increase the dialogue in the Southern California art community about issues of concern to women artists. Conferences and symposia reinforce the educational role of the organization and affirm ties to local universities, museums, other arts institutions, and the general public.

The National Women's Caucus for Art also sponsors regional and national conferences. In March 2009, the Southern California chapter successfully hosted the WCA Confab in Los Angeles that ran concurrent with the annual meeting of the College Art Association. It included a Town Hall session, the Women Artists on Immigration exhibition and Video Shorts screening at the Korean Cultural Center and the JWAN exhibition at the American Jewish University, public art and museum tours and presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

In June 2010, the Pacific Region chapters including SCWCA co-sponsored Elements: An Eco-Art Conference at the David Brower Center in Berkeley. The conference included panels, performances, roundtables, awards presentation and artmaking. The accompanying Blue Planet exhibition juried by well-known eco-artist Kim Abeles at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco featured work by ten SCWCA members.

More information about past National WCA Conferences is available online at the national WCA website.